The Top Three Trees to Plant for Shade in Summer

During the scorching summers in Louisiana, the shade is something we all want. So what do you do if you don’t have any established trees? Plant one! You need to plant a tree that will grow thick branches and a full canopy to provide shade for your home or business. The Garcia Tree Experts provide tree cutting services in Louisiana for when you need to cut an old tree down to make room for your new one. Below, we have provided the top three trees we recommend for planting in order to get some relief from the sun. Contact us today to learn more.



These trees are a relatively small species that grows up to about 80 feet in height, with their leaves being fan-shaped and light green. Not only do these trees provide plenty of shade for your home but they also add some color with their bright yellow foliage in the fall. If you have an older or diseased tree that you would like to be cut down before planting your Ginkgo, contact Garcia Tree Experts for tree cutting services.


Kentucky Coffeetree

A huge benefit of this tree is that it can grow anywhere from 30-60 feet tall, making it a great choice for providing shade in the summertime. The leaves are a deep green with a smooth texture and the branches produce clusters of white flowers that turn into red coffee-like berries in the fall. You're sure to enjoy the shade this tree provides in the summer for BBQs and relaxing outdoors. Make sure to contact Garcia Tree Experts if you're in need of tree cutting services to remove a tree you want to replace.


Bur Oak

If you're wanting to plant a Bur Oak but want to cut down a tree that's currently in the place you want it planted, contact Garcia Tree Experts for comprehensive tree cutting services for your Louisiana home. This beautiful species of oak can grow up to 100 feet tall, with a trunk diameter of about 50 inches. The leaves are oblong, with lobed edges and can reach up to 12 inches long. This tree is perfect for providing a well-covered shaded area in the summer.


Importance of Tree Maintenance

To ensure that your trees remain healthy and last for a long time, it's important to practice good tree maintenance. Our team at Garcia Tree Experts can help with all aspects of tree care, from cutting down the dead or diseased parts of the trunk or branches to tree trimming. Get in touch with us for a variety of tree services in Louisiana.

Don’t let the summer sun keep you from enjoying your outdoor living space.

Plant one of these trees listed above to provide your Louisiana home with much needed shade. Contact Garcia Tree Experts for tree cutting services if you would like to cut an old tree down to make room to plant your new tree, as well as any other tree services you're in need of!