Four Signs That It's Time For Tree Removal

Having trees on your property can be a great thing. They provide shade, beauty, and a sense of home. But sometimes, it is necessary to remove a tree due to its age, health, or placement. Here are four signs that it may be time to call a tree removal service, like Garcia Tree Experts in Baton Rouge.

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1. The Tree is Diseased or Dying

If you notice signs of disease or insect infestation, it may be time to call a tree removal service. Signs of disease include yellowing leaves, wilting branches, and bark discoloration. Professional arborists can diagnose the tree and determine if removal is necessary.

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2. Proximity to Buildings or Other Structures

Trees that are too close to buildings or other structures can be dangerous. If the tree is close enough to pose a threat to your home or other structures, it’s best to call a professional tree removal service before your property incurs damages.

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3. The Tree is Damaged

Storms can cause significant damage to trees, sometimes making them unstable and dangerous. If you notice broken branches or a leaning trunk, don’t delay contacting a local tree removal company you can trust. An experienced arborist can assess the state of your tree and help you determine the best course of action, be that tree trimming or professional tree removal.

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4. The Tree is Too Large

Trees can become too large for the space they’re in. If your tree is blocking the sun from reaching other parts of your garden, or if it’s shading your home too much, professional pruning or even tree removal may be the best option for your property.

Tree removal is a tricky process and should only be done by a licensed and insured arborist. Garcia Tree Experts are experienced in tree removal, and they can help you make the best decision for your landscape in Baton Rouge. Get a free quote today!

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