Four Reasons Not to Delay Tree Removal

Tree removal is a necessary part of both home and business maintenance. Keeping your property safe and free of hazardous trees is important for the health and safety of your family, employees, and customers. If you’re in Baton Rouge and need tree removal, don’t delay in contacting Garcia Tree Experts to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of timely tree removal and contact us today to get a free estimate!

Tree on fire

1. Dead Trees Are a Fire Hazard

Dead trees are a major fire hazard, as they can easily catch fire and quickly spread the flames to nearby structures. If a dead tree is located close to your home or other buildings, it is important to have it removed as soon as possible to avoid any potential damages or injuries. This makes tree removal especially critical during the driest times of the year.

House with large tree laying over on it

2. Overgrown Trees Can Damage Your Property

Overgrown trees can cause damage to your home or other structures, as their root systems can become larger and cause cracks in your driveway, foundation, or walls. Not to mention, overgrown branches can also cause damage to your roof, gutters, and other parts of your home.

If that’s not enough reason to schedule a tree removal service in Baton Rouge, keep in mind that overgrown trees can also become a breeding ground for pests such as rats and other rodents.

Diseased tree

3. Diseased Trees are a Risk to Your Landscape

You spend a lot of time and money keeping your property looking its best, so don’t let a diseased tree wreak havoc on your landscape! Diseased trees can spread their pestilence to other plants in your outdoor living areas, which can quickly ruin your lawn, garden, or other landscaping features. By scheduling professional tree removal services, you can reduce the risk of your other plants and vegetation becoming affected.

Fallen tree on house deck

4. Damaged Trees Pose a Safety Risk

Damaged trees can become a safety hazard to passersby and anyone on your property, as their weakened branches can easily snap off and injure or hurt someone. Additionally, large branches or entire trees can cause property damage if they fall on your home or other structures. If a tree falls on your home and no one is there to hear it, did it really happen? The answer is yes, and you will be stuck holding the bill.

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